The Rita Ellen Mirchandani Podcast

The Rita Ellen Mirchandani Podcast

Hosted by: Rita Ellen Mirchandani

Embark on an Empowering Journey through Diverse Spiritual Realms of Consciouness and the Akashic Records alongside Rita Ellen Mirchandani and transformational guests. Uncover age-old Wisdom, Nurture Self-Love, and...

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006: Grief to Empowerment: A Journey about how Sabrina Palazzo started a global Breathwork Network

Episode #6

In this episode we do a deep dive with my friend, Sabrina Palazzo, into Breathwork, grief, and running a spiritual business.Sabrina Palazzo is a wellness entrepreneur + spiritual mentor based out of Boston. Her brand...
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005: Transformational Lessons from My Spiritual Awakening

Episode #5

In this episode, we dive deep into my spiritual awakening, and I share moments I have never publicly talked about. I share how my awakening happened, the pain I went through and what it taught me, and a few of the...
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004: Exploring Chakra 4.5 (The High Heart Chakra)

Episode #4

In this episode, we dive deep into exploring Chakra 4.5 (The High Heart Chakra). This chakra helps us to tap into our ability to share the truth of our heart, and bring it into our physical...
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003: How Your Value Systems Can Lead to Living in Your Power

Episode #3

This episode explores how our Value Systems can lead to our  Personal Growth quickly. Rita speaks about for her how defining and getting clear on value systems and has shifted my entire reality.Introduction (00:00 -...
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002: Understanding Signs from the Universe to Expand Your Spiritual Journey

Episode #2

In this episode we dive deeply into how the universe can communicate with us, and send us signs. I speak about my experience traveling through Asia, and how I for 6 months lived only off signs - and where that led me...
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Pilot: Introduction to the Rita Ellen Mirchandani Show, and this Podcast

This episode breaks down what you can expect from Rita as a host, and what you can hope to learn in each episode. The purpose of this podcast is bridge the gap between spirituality, humanity, and lead to conclusions...
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001: Exploring The Akashic Records, And How They Can Transform Our Reality

Episode #1

This episode breaks down what the Akashic Records are, and how they can change our lives. Grab a tea, a pen and paper, and your heart... let's go!Introduction:Host: Rita Ellen MirchandaniDiscussion of the episode's...
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