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Rita Ellen Mirchandani is a Spiritual Life Coach and Akashic Record Teacher who offers empowerment group programs, in-person retreats, one-on-one deep dives, and teaches others how to access and read their own Akashic Records.

In 2016, Rita had a spontaneous spiritual awakening that led her to leave her corporate consulting job, sell all her belongings, and purchase a one-way ticket to Asia. What she discovered there changed her life forever, and it is now what she offers to her students.

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A Space for Empowerment.

When we reconnect with our core essence, we gain the opportunity to consciously shape our daily lives, often resulting in a lifestyle and vision that align harmoniously.

Akashic Journey

Take our online self-guided course to connect with your soul and learn to read your own Akashic Records. Live sessions also offered.

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1-1 Offerings

In a one-on-one session, you'll receive a personalized approach tailored to your needs. With Rita's extensive experience as a Spiritual Life Coach and Akashic Record Teacher, your journey will be guided with purpose and meaning, all for you.

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Spiritual Retreats

Connect with sisterhood, spirituality, the Earth, embodiment, and empowerment. Come join me and other soulful women in Ireland.

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Looking to Access Your Akashic Records?  

Ancient wisdom through a modern channel.

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Akashic Journey

Embark on a journey of self-discovery within your Akashic Records through our pre-recorded course, with the option for live group support.

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Designing Destiny 

Now Enrolling! Our new transformative 5-Month Spiritual Business Mastermind.

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She Who Collects Bones Retreats - Ireland

Join us for a women's retreat in Ireland, scheduled from August 2 through August 9, 2024.

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What can you expect from Akashic Journey?

Akashic Journey was created to help you connect with the core essence of who you are. Over the course of 5 weeks, spanning across 25 + comprehensive modules, you will be guided to explore, access, and communicate with your very own Akashic Records.

What are Akashic Records, you ask? They are like the cosmic archives of your soul's journey, containing the wisdom and experiences from your past, present, and future. I like to call this, our "soul's communication." With Akashic Journey, you can expect three things:

Depth + Integration

We will proceed slowly and delve deeper, ensuring a safe and respectful connection between your heart and the Akashic essence.

Option For Live Support

You'll have the choice to either go solo or opt for an upgrade to access live group support and Q&A sessions.


Before launching this course, I held  a survey among former students. The results: 100% of respondents reported that it was a "life-changing experience" and led to an immense boost in self-trust.



Our most popular plan

  • 25 + Pre-Recorded Sessions: Tailored for your success in accessing your Akashic Records.

  • Intentional Akashic Meditations: Guided meditations designed to facilitate your Akashic Records exploration.

  • Deep Journal Prompts: Thought-provoking prompts to enhance your journey of self-discovery.

  • 3.5 Years of Expertise: Rita's wealth of knowledge and experience distilled into a course that empowers you to read your own records successfully.

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Empowerment to learn your own way.


All previous students unanimously called learning to read their Akashic Records as 'life-changing.' Those who participated in a comprehensive live questionnaire shared that the most profound gift gained from learning to read the Akashic Records was the newfound ability to trust themselves, their intuition, and the trajectory of their life.

 "The way that Rita guided us to open the Akashic Records and explore it felt so easeful and fun. There was never a dull moment of learning. We learned different ways of using the Akashic Records... This practice built up so much self confidence. When we did open our Records, it felt so expansive to receive such detailed information and knowledge. Any healing that was done in the Records truly expanded beyond this lifetime. After every single call, I left feeling excited for the next." 

- Nalee H.

Kimberly E.

"With Rita’s mentorship, I rooted my soul into my body in an intentional, safe, expansive way. For the first time, I know on a cellular level what it FEELS like to be my own best guide, backed by ancestors, angels, animals, trees, celestials, and most importantly, my own heart. Beyond mindset work and subconscious reprogramming is an inherent ability to heal that comes directly from my soul’s innermost knowingness.  I never would have used the word psychic to describe myself, but my experiences have undeniably proven to me that intuition & discernment is an innate muscle to strengthen & grow into. The value of this potent opening is immeasurable and can be applied to any area of my life." 

Erin E.

"It’s hard to put into words the gratitude I have from finding her and having the honor to work with her. But having my records read by her changed my world for the better. She is such a blessing, and a pure vehicle for peace, love and healing. If your looking for guidance and healing go no further. Rita has helped me on my path of healing and bliss more then I knew possible. She has helped guide me to find what my soul has been searching for honestly, it’s amazing. She always provides a safe environment energetically for you, and the experiences I’ve had with her are and nothing short then positively transformative. Thank you Rita for all that you do."

Andrea B.

"Rita is the ultimate spiritual coach! Professionally, I took her Akashic Embodiment program and it completely changed my life. I am now in the middle of establishing my own akashic records/astrology/human design business and it all started with the reviving and grounding connection to my own spirituality that working with Rita gave me. More importantly, Rita's professional coaching could not have have been as transformative had it not been for the compassionate and genuinely caring foundation she is able to establish as a coach at a personal level. Whatever your spiritual path may be, you cannot have enough people like Rita in your corner. She's a gem!"

Craving one-on-one support?

 "It may not make sense to many, but I know without a doubt that my business went from an idea to reality, in part because of the work we did together. I know it so much, that I just committed to working more deeply together for an indefinite amount of time. Sometimes we don't need to understand the how, in order to accomplish the what. If you feel the call (in the slightest) to work with Rita in a coaching capacity - commit."

- Marie G. 

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